We’re together in everything–right, Lord?

I sit, uneasy. “With the world resting on my shoulders, I feel left alone by You,” I tell my Lord. “I can’t understand how I’m ever going to see You in this mess. I just don’t feel that I have enough strength to hold out for what You’re doing. Do You think You could give me a break, or at least let me know that we’re in this together?”

Oh, My Child, could it be that I would leave you? Is there a way that I could forget that you needed Me? Beloved, you must understand this: You may forget that you have needs, but I do not forget that you are as you are in My hands. I do not grow mystified by your condition nor do I forget what love looks like to you.

But, My Favored Child, you must understand that I will use many things to grow you that you may not understand in the moment. Yet, little one, do not question My love. My love is what supersedes your understanding with grace that is too great for you to fathom. Come, come near Me and you will find your rest–not in answers, but in the One who answers you.

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