To Be, Or Not To Be

Have you ever felt like screaming, “I just want to be me!” but, at the same time felt like no one else really wants you to be?

It is a conflicting place to be, for sure, but does it have to be this way? Will embracing our true selves, who God is showing us to be in Christ, make us undesirable to the world?

Maybe so, but I think the better, more life changing question is, would God be excited about who we would be becoming?

All the evidence and declarations from God that we have in Scriptures delivers a resounding “Yes!” After all, who made us, who put still-undiscovered detail into us, so that we should be the glory of His creation? Yes, who but God is responsible for originating our existence and the plans He has for us?

So, who knows then, what we should be, but Him? Who can judge this matter that resides incontestably in the mind of God? No, one; not even we ourselves.

Yes, we may choose to live a life contrary to who He has purposed us to be, but what benefit is there for us to find in this rebellion? As in all forms of our rebellion against God, we miss something in the resistance. I, for one, don’t want to snub something and Someone that I have not fully known, to be sure whether responding with more favor would be in my best interest.

We can turn against the world and its ways and find ourselves living in a world of seclusion for that action, but we can turn against God and His ways and find ourselves dying in a world that only seems to offer companionship and help. God is the bigger bet; if we lose with Him, we lose everything, but if we win with Him, we gain everything and more we never knew was on the line. So, really, the greatest risk made in life is not choosing Him above all the attractive offers that come and go each day.

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