Beautiful Responsibility

Stop for a moment and consider the beauty in responsibility. If we had not been so finely crafted in the image of God, we could not be vested with responsibility. In everything that we do we have something to answer for and something else to reach for. We model God in that we are capable of shaping or destroying things. We can leave behind the imprint of ourselves, the imprint of a God-like individual.

This imaging-forth-God that I’m talking about is not just a super-power of the mature Christian. This is the very seat of responsibility for every man and woman, boy and girl. We have been made like God, that we might act like God. When we choose to act in ways that are contrary to who God is, then we suffer evil consequences.

You may say, “I don’t know how to be like God; He and I are not exactly friends — we didn’t grow up on the same block, you know?” But, the truth is that you do not have to see God or have “grown up with Him” to be responsible for living like Him. He has given you — along with every other person on the planet — the Word of God, which is the infallible revelation of who He is and what He requires of you as one of His own creatures.

If you protest that you do not believe in the Word of God, know that your conscience does. You know you are in error and are not ignorant of what you ought to do. Right and wrong are moral values that have been printed on the tablet of your heart since the day you were conceived; it is what makes you human.

If you will take a look around at the animals around you, you will find that they do not have obligations, to do lists, or depression. There job is not to look out for the feelings and interests of others and to display right character even when it appears to count for little. Every animal brings glory to its Creator because it does what it was designed to do, but it is not responsible for the legacy it leaves or the reward he will receive for his work.

This element of our humanity, which we often think of as a burden, truly serves a great purpose in our lives. It designates who we are — each one a special and unduplicated individual that God dearly loves — and what is our design — we have particular things to attend to in our lives; places to make our mark. It also gives us dignity and qualifies us for honor when we live right before God and dishonor when we flout His existence and glory.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Responsibility

  1. Interesting post you have here. I will just add that because we have a conscience and awareness, as well as a choice, we feel the burden (as well as the freedom) of our humanity.

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