Nothing less than abundance in everything

God is proving to be so interesting as I walk with Him. The thing that stands out the most to me at the moment is how He works in everything to make me know Him. He lets me have enough of what I want to see the weakness of those goals.

He would have me do nothing in vain — that is, He would have me do nothing less than labor with His glory as my end. Oh, the pleasures and purity and passion for knowing and enjoying Him to be gained on that journey!

What Did You Expect?

It was totally going to work, and then _____ had to happen! Have you had that happen to you lately — something that ought to have worked out perfectly for you because you were depending on the outcome? But, because it didn’t, you have a situation you’d rather not have to deal with right now.

How many problems in our lives spring out of things that just had to work, and didn’t? Like a surgery, a test, an emergency response, a call for help. I don’t have much experience with these examples, but many of you do. You know what it’s like when it seems like God isn’t there. Or, maybe you believe He is still there, but are dissatisfied with what He’s doing.

How many of us feel that we are at odds with Him because He works, but not by our standards of excellence? Maybe the problem is more with us than we realize, though.

No, maybe the situation that we’re in isn’t our fault, but what if that’s not God’s main focus? What if He’s more tuned into our response to what is going on than we can understand? What do we do then?

If He knows what we’re going through, and He is choosing to be a part of it all, why isn’t He shaping up everything to look and feel better now?

I think the key here could be that idea we have of everything. What is that part that God has chosen to work on? Is it our circumstances or our hearts; our wants or our attitudes?

When I look at a problem I have, I look for what God is doing with the BIG things — what is going on around me — not so much in me. But, are those really the big things — at least as far as God is concerned?

Do we really think that God, when He seems sluggish to us in the matters that are most important to us, that He is not at the same time working consistently in the matters that are most important to Him? Could it be that He is operating in such a way as to turn our hearts to what His heart is after?