I Feel Like Screaming, “Protect Me, Will Ya?”

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted God to be right there and save you? Or, you expected Him to make you know that there was no danger, but instead He let you confront it face-to-face? When you were alone in the dark, He let you hear the creaks and silent whispers of the blackness all around you; He let you learn to cry out to Him for what you needed when none of the security-evidences you wanted were visible.

Perhaps, as I have, you grew angry at God for all that He hadn’t and wasn’t doing to make you feel safe. Why aren’t my feelings His highest priority? you wondered subconsciously.

When we struggle in situations like this one, it is because God knows us so well, even we find that we know Him so little. He wants to push us past our preconceived boundaries of what is good and beneficial for us; to cause us to see more of His climate, become better acquainted with His zone of activity.

We can only see so much of what delights God’s heart when we won’t let Him put us in places where those things can be center-stage. If we won’t allow God to get right in front of us in some pretty uncomfortable places, than there is really only so much physical, emotional and spiritual area that God can have in our lives.