Restraint wins when Christ compels it

In our culture we put a lot of emphasis on doing. But what happens when God tells us not to do what we would normally do to fix our problems; to decrease the impact of our trials?

Do we tell God to go take a heavenly hike, and let our anger take us to places that He forbids so we can make our lives full of what we want, or do we let ourselves feel the sting of letting go of our dreams for God’s?

Are we willing to bear the weight of commitment brutally enough to push our belief in God to the next level?

Are we willing to stand up and fight on until the truth takes up such residence in us that we can live for nothing else?

Will everything you would continue to live for advance the vital causes of any one but yourself? Could you even be sure that it would make good your own?

The path we desire for ourselves may look bright and beautiful ahead, but nothing can be godless and yet bless us for a lifetime.

We must ask ourselves what is my lifetime going to look after I’ve followed this path? Will I soon be looking back over +40 years of regret because I thought I wanted so much less than God?