The kind of robbery I really enjoy

I want to know what you think about robbery.

(I know, you get asked this all the time, but humor me!)

I know, it’s disgusting, isn’t it?


But what about if it isn’t your house that’s been robbed? What if the thief had a good reason? What if he didn’t mean to offend or defraud his victim? What if he was merely taking what was his? What if he had no other choice?

Would you prosecute him? Would you sentence him to jail?

What would you do in this situation? Would you sit back and hope it would go away? What if you knew you had to make a decision? What if you knew the whole weight of justice rested on you?

What if you liked him?

My, now that would be some problem! Probably incurable, I’d reckon. Highly inconvenient, wouldn’t you say?

(I know I would say that if I was in that situation.)

Is it possible to be neutral toward the case and yet invested in it at the same time? God was…in your case.

He was fully committed to justice and fully committed to you at the same time. So God subjected His Son to the demands justice made of Him because of you. Jesus Christ represented the Father and He represented you.

For God He was divine and perfectly holy–honoring His Father in all things; for you He was human and tempted by all the pleasures of sin that would cause Him to disobey His Father.

But that is not what He did. The divine part of Him became the head of the human part of Him, directing it; and the human part of Him submitted to the divine part of Him, receiving the other. The two parts of Him worked together making His death and resurrection a pleasing restitution; even becoming the reconciliation of God and man.

So, despite the fact that God had no leniency in His judgments toward robbery, He loved you who robbed Him of His glory and authority in your life.

Yet how fitting that He would resolve the matter with His own “robbery” of heaven. He, who did not belong on earth among us, came down and made His home with us. All of heavens joys and abundance that He once so rightly enjoyed He forsook to claim your sin. Then, when your sin was dealt with, He rose to give Himself and all His inheritance away to you, if the robber should accept.

Isn’t that a joy?

Forgive Me As I Judge

I am angry today. I have to sort through things that I don’t want to, like: awful preconceptions, bitter emotions, envy, faulty judgments, and negative attitudes. So much in me that keeps me from fully loving others and standing in awe of my Lord. So much in me that thinks I’m better-off if I can continue to rationalize my distance from other people because they constantly fail to live up to my standards. So much in me that thinks I always have the best way. So much in me that wonders what everyone elses’ problem is. So much in me that thinks, I, as imperfect as I am, am the closest thing to perfection the world is going to meet. So much in me that just does not even want to receive the Truth for who He is, so much better than I.

I want to think that I am perfect, or shall soon be wholly there, because this is the only way I know to feel good about my world, myself.

I do not “get” that things begin with Christ and the gift He came to give us, and we can never be confident that we have seen the end of something unless Christ has revealed it to us in Himself.

And since I need not try to be the beginning or the end of anything — gratefully leaving all that to Him to expose who He truly is — I can be content with finding myself somewhere in the middle. I can also bless the Lord for the many different individuals He has put around me fill up this middle place. I will rejoice and be glad for how God is constantly working to humble each one of us through our interactions with other sinners saved by His ever-abounding grace.