Does being small mean that we’ll not be noticed?

Most of us resent feeling small. We think we would be better of if we were, big, tall, monstrous, fearsome.

I don’t know why, but we love feeling like we are dangerous–in some way a potential hazard to the world around us; believing that if we are, we have to fear, but something we have to manage.

I guess we like to feel like we need to be cared for or protected; it’s not that the ideal picture this points to is not appealing, it’s just that we’re too well aware that this ideal is not our picture.

We want something more real than a fantasy to hold onto. We crave something to nourish our souls; and that something must be real. But, if we cannot find something or someone to nourish our souls, we will do what we can to nourish ourselves. This is senseless, and yet we do it as a means to survive. We cut off the life feed and try to keep ourselves alive on what we already have inside.

It is a mistake, but we all do it. We do it until we find another way. We do it as long as we value life–as we know it or as we want to know it–more than God. But, when we value God more than life we have both. We don’t strive to get what we need because we have taken ourselves out of the world’s keeping and put ourselves back in God’s keeping. We realize it is a matter of allegiance. The allegiance we had before was wrong. Wrong in that God was not present in it and He could not be honored by it. Wrong in that it did not have the power to work good at all.

But the new alliance we embrace now is honoring to God and marked by His presence. This is so because it has been created by Christ. Christ in His greatness joined Himself with us who are small. He showed us in the most meaningful way that we are not forgotten and we have no need to seek out love in broken places anymore. Christ made love His banner and His mission reconciliation between the One Lover and His beloved.

Christ came to our world and called us in the name of our Father. He came to join us with Himself so that we could be at peace with God again. For those who believe in the accomplishment of His mission, our sin has been settled in Christ’s penalty-bearing death and that sin once kept us in rebellion can no more rule our hearts. With hearts that are always being made softer towards God, we witness the ideal slowly emerge out of the throws of redemption. And, indeed we find that if being small is not a concern for Him, it will surely work for us!



Wikipedia: A is the first letter and a vowel in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Wikipedia: Can may refer to: The term ‘can’ entered the vernacular some time at the turn of the century, it was first used when beer was predominately drunk out of cans, drinkers would refer to a beer as a can eg ‘pass us a can thanks Liv’.

Is there something to being soft?

If you would have asked me a few years ago what my thoughts were on being soft, I would have told you that being soft meant you got bruised. Period. Needless to say, it was useless and stupid to be soft.

Can you share my thinking? Do you have painful experiences to back this up. I do. In light of this I determined at an early age that I would be as tough as I could be–hoping that this would make me strong. It didn’t. In fact, unbeknownst to me, it actually weakened me. I wasn’t able to express my true self or care for others as I longed to be able to do; worst of all, I was not able to be receptive towards God. Tenderness was lost in an effort to protect myself. And protect myself I did: I protected myself from love, grace, mercy, peace, etc–I kept myself guardedly aloof from the entire soul-ministry that God wanted to get going in me.

I lost so much for so many years. I thought the gains were worth the cost, but I was wrong. I still got hurt–in fact, the pain of past wounds still remained festering within me. I wasn’t serving myself by keeping myself apart from risk in relationships–I was needlessly closing myself from my only exit from the pain–my only healing.

I didn’t understand them that healing is a miracle that takes place in the midst of our pain, not in the absence or denial of it. It’s a miracle because without God this would never happen: We would refuse to enter into such a severe chamber and He–but for His unfathomable love for us–should not have provided us an entrance.

It is knowing that God feels my pain with me and is not helpless to deliver me from the destruction of it that softens my heart and wins the trust of my spirit. I can expect nothing good from God–that is, prepare to take it in–unless I allow Him to whittle away at my doubts. I am a hardened person when I believe that I have every reason to put God in the same category as every sinner and plot of Satan that has ever hurt me. Until my eyes are opened to the character of God, I will not be able to separate Him from the rest; instead, I will ultimately Him for all my pain.

I must concentrate on reconciling with God before I can consider rebuilding myself or any other relationship. God is the One who makes me whole; to recognize in every situation that He is more than able to care for me. I can face pain and problems and grow if I let God have the latitudes for grace in suffering, sorrow and surrender that He desires.