People markets need the Savior advertised

Contrary to popular presentation, people sell products, products do not ever sell people. In every vein of advertising, people are the ones who rate what they like and elevate its level of market demand. Material objecta lack the inherent dignity and enduring presence to have any real worth apart from the value human consumers put on them. Certainly we cannot treat them as though they have the stature suitable for providing a significant rating of people.

What do I mean by this? I am talking about this assumption we have that people can be quoted by the value of objects that they own or wear or display a taste for. In the end, no matter how great the value of these things we would attach to a person as an identification of their worth they question the strength of human dignity. If we should be no more than what we display of temporal treasures, then why should any of this really matter?

After all, people are not generic in their qualities, or valuable based on their comparison to other equally serviceable people.

People are not here just to serve a single, situationally exclusive purpose or a specifically need-identified demograffic.

Only man-made objects that lack personality or eternal indispensibility are meant to fall into these categories. Mankind is meant to be so much more than this — each of these examples I have just given can even begin to describe the purpose of any one of us.

Our design reflects so much more — more intelligence and care and love for what is created — than any other thing we could find in the universe. If a single star burnt out, it would leave no hole in the heart as if the life of one man or woman, boy or girl’s life were suddenly blown out of their heart and lungs.

The collapse of one irreplacable specimen is an example of a life failing. Before we discuss why life should fail in us, let us not forget the fact that this would bring no small gref to our Creator God. It is not just that one of His creatures is no longer alive — as would be the case with a member of the animal kingdom — but that a unique reflection of Himself is gone from the face of the earth. His own life goes into us at birth, and even before that, His own partial personality marks us from the moment of conception. When we die, an aspect of God’s beautiful handiwork is removed from this earthly landscape.

But truly all that I have said would be as the equivalent of saying nothing if I did not make certain to proclaim this: We are God’s main object of consideration in His created universe because He made us to have a relationship with Him. If we pass through death without ever acknowledging our need for this offered relation, than we are lost.

Now to discuss death as I promised. We who were designed to know only life know death because we have forsaken the first for the freedom to experience the latter. If you’re like me, this no doubt sounds hard to believe — being the stupidest thing you have ever heard. Yet, it is true because death is the consequence of a choice made in favor of sin, a rebellion against God.

God specially formulated our global habitat as a place in which we could enjoy the blessings that were the increase of fellowship with Him in paradise. But if you ever wonder wonder what happened to this paradise, let me explain the Curse.

With all that our First Parents possessed and enjoyed to the full, when the opportunity for becoming like God, they jumped at it. Little regarding the cost of disobeying the command that God had given them, Adam and Eve together took and consumed the fruit of rebellion.

Immediately the eyes of their hearts were open to the new reality of their sin and they struggled with the knowledge — once covetted — of evil that now resided within them. They ran and hid from God the One good and communal being present in their universe. A humanly irreversible break had been made between God and man according to the will of man. Death was welcomed in to nestle in the breasts of every existing and forthcoming seed of man. No more would life flow through this race as the godly inheritance necessary to abundance and peace.

But, back to God. He who risked losing us to our freedom of choice, now immediately set His plan of redemption into play. He would pursuit His spiritually naked and now hopelessly needy creatures. He would bring glory to Himself in finally taking hold of them and clothing them with His own love and righteousness.

He accomplished this when the thread of human history was woven into the divine climax on earth. Jesus, the Son of God ascended a cross and was cursed in His death for us. He forsook blessings only beneficial to Himself that blessings for all mankind might come out of one man (and this the God-Man) being cursed and ultimately punished for many.

God could have looked away when He saw you on your road to a just penalty that ends in hell, but He choose to not only look after you, but put Himself in your place that He might turn your eyes back to Him. He wants to reinstate paradise, but we need to agree to let Him do it; to acknowledge that we really are as important to Him as He says — even if the value He places upon us is love and not a reward in regard to the exhibition we have made of ourselves.

A rare influence in personal chemistry

Walking with the wise — those who want to lift us up rather than pull us down. People who will sacrifice themselves to help you become more of who you are meant to be. Individuals who count it no loss to lose your friendship if their love is too firm and insistent for your tastes.

What a disgrace to miss these blessings in our lives! To turn one away is to miss the rare treat of discovering what it can really be like to know love in its rawest form — a catalyst so strong that it will enable us to form compounds of character and action that we would never have seen as possibilities.

Let’s raise our voices high and thank Him. God has shown Himself to us in all these separate personalities. May we honor those today to whom we owe a dept for pushing us to be what we are today, and can be tomorrow!

So what do you think of the deal?

Will you take the chance? Don’t excuse yourself by speaking of the sacrifice, the burden, the distance it will make you go. You have a choice. Use this priceless gift and make the best one you can.

Perhaps you have been reading about the cost of following God, of truly getting to know Him, and while it pulls at those unfamiliar deep places of your soul, you can’t think of saying yes. You want more, but at the same time, less. You will take the world if its handed to you, but if you have to work to see any part of it, you will stalk back into your tiny corner and sulk. No, it is not worth your time and effort; you would be more comfortable simply staying where you are.

Never mind that it’s really not serving you to be there. Give no second thought to the fact that your loyalty is a sacrifice, a hardship in itself. Your present position is truly an inconvenient place from which to reach the goals that you have marked in your mind.

Remaining behind, and shoving off God’s call on your life is saying good bye to all you might have known of the best in life. You will never know what it means to really live so long as you keep your own boundaries. Boundaries conceived in the idea of liberty with no death, no sacrifice, no joy and no peace can offer you no life.

Investing in God

Investing in God. If you’ve read any of my recent posts you may have noticed that I have used this phrase or variations of it in several instances. But what does this investing in God mean?

Well, when I began to think about this seriously in anticipation of writing on the topic, I realized that I didn’t really understand a whole lot about this phrase. It worked well for general topics of discussion, but when I scrutinized my knowledge of what it communicated, I found that I needed to learn more about what it was saying so I could better convey my intent.

So, I began with the word invest. And this is what I came up with:

To make a rewarding investment I must make the most of what resources I have. When I am considering God as a possible holding place, I must thoroughly research God’s policy profile — to see whether I can back Him based on what He stands for — and investigate His projection standings — to acquire a vision for where His progression will take me.

Everything that I learn about God, because of my perspective association, immediately affects me both personally and fiscally. I must know what God is about and be able to offer a strong reason for being persuaded that He is equal to the worth I put in Him. I cannot propose backing Him without also knowing how this action will demand of me — in every aspect of my life and livelihood.

I want a good return, but more than that, I want a solid establishment. I can wait a long time for any profit to come from this, if I know that my commitment is being well marked and effectively utilized to promote significant production.

I like the simple definition of  investment provided for us by the Business Management blog right here on


The commitment of funds/finance to one or more assets which will be held over some time period for the purpose of earning returns. []

For a lot of us, we look at God, and say, “Nah, I’m not buyin’ in it.” We would rather throw small investments after semi-suitable persons and institutions than stair-down a commit to a single Person with momentous claims that we don’t want to bother checking.

We are comfortable with saying that God is not what we want, but do we really know Him well enough to make this judgment?

I can hear some of you saying right now, “Actually, yes I can: My mom died when I was just a kid. She did nothing to deserve it, but God took her anyway. And He ruined the rest of my life when He did that.”

I am deeply sorry. I grieve that you didn’t get to have more time with her, that your life couldn’t stay like it was when she was here. But then, I am not saying anything to you that you do not already know. I cannot change your life for you, and I will do my best to avoid any pretense of trying. I would just like to use the space I have here to communicate something to you that you may not already know.

There’s more to your story than its past or its present or its future. There’s something more to you than just yourself and I want so much for you to find out what it is. Perhaps you say that you once had faith, but God destroyed all hope of that too, when He disappointed you on such a crucial point of life. Where can He stand with you now that He has taken so much away from you?

The answer is that He stands exactly where He always has: at the door of your heart, waiting. He has been waiting on you since the day He formed you in the womb, and He waits still.

He waits not to condemn you — He could have done that long ago — and He waits not to sabotage you, but to bless you. Yes, blessing may not look like what you thought, but then again, who says that you’ve already seen it?

The blessing God offers us is His love, pure and simple. But, don’t let those words be swallowed up in the vortex of an over-used phrase. Don’t think that you have taken God’s love at face value until you have looked at its face, and seen your own clearly reflected in it.

Love cannot be measured for its depth and essence and even its ability to touch our heart until it has been accepted and yielded to. Now, by yield I mean so much more than an act of “giving in” or limply submitting. Rather, I am speaking of an attitude of the heart that turns to God, and leans in — receiving the truth of what He says and responding to what He asks of us.

When we do that, we will not be disappointed. Mind you, it is every single thing that is done short of that that will most definitely disappoint.

You see, God’s love is a recipe for life, for fullness of heart. It is not a promise of good times, but good tidings. After all, great joy is the work of Someone on the inside of us, not something on the outside of us.