Is it possible for conflict to make love more compelling?

Conflicts that control or weaken your ability to enjoy life are conflicts that cut off your life-supply of love. Love is the substance of your life and it must control conflicts in order to enable you to grow. If the love within you is not strong enough to do this, the conflicts you face will destroy and choke the theory you have of love.

For love to be real, it must fulfill two requirements, 1) it must not be from you and 2) it must be something that is practiced, not merely felt. Does this seem a little rough, a little less appealing than the love you feel is more natural? If so, than might I suggest that it’s possible that the love you hold to is more about you than it is about extending yourself for the interest of others?

That may sound a bit harsh, but if love is of God (as it says in 1 John 4) than truly you cannot attest to your possession of it if we are not “of God” yourself. Therefore, you do not look to yourself to conjure up love; you merely offer yourself to God that He might transform you into a tangible expression of the love He gives you.

God’s love teaches that all conflicts come from us–us and our neighbors–and the resolution of all conflict comes from God. Because we do not have to be the ones to create a way to fix all the situations we’re in, we learn to trust God and glorify Him in our trials.

Yes, how lovely our Savior looks in these things as He embraces us in the cares that have come because of our sin and the consequences of our original rebellion! He who should have stayed far away from us, now not only comes near, but shares with us in our mistakes, that He might make them testimonies to His success at Calvary: How He has covered all our sin and made us acceptable before God not on our merits, but on His.

If God’s love can so masterfully convert this conflict into something that can make us love Him, can He not use all the daily conflicts we face now to make us appreciate that love more and more?

Wikipedia: His political essay Utopia speculates about life under an ideal government.

And God is important WHY?

If you’re wondering why God exists, or what is the point of all His works, you are in good company. The whole of His creation must ponder such questions when at their most honest and vulnerable.

What do we know of God, and what difference does it make? we ask. And how can we not ask it? Is this not the beginning of wisdom — to question what we know, and to seek to verify for ourselves what is true? To deny such questions and to forge ahead with such doubts so deeply ingrained in our consciousness would be quite an error on our part.

Oh, that we would have the courage to seek God’s truth! To desire that knowledge of Him — and not solely about Him — that will lead us to realities we’ve lived ignorant of our entire lives. Thought the end of this quest be a mystery, may our desire to test the reality of what we’ve heard and thought, be enough for us to move ahead.