A gift like THIS is Your answer to rebellion?

How do you express your rebellion? Do you hold it in and try to “take it” for as long as you can? Do you think rebellion is only bad when you express it publicly? Do you think you can get away with it as long as it stays buried inside?

My friend, that is the worst place for rebellion to be hidden? It doesn’t belong in your heart. God sees it and how well He knows that it composes the essence of everything you do. You cannot live with it. You cannot pretend it doesn’t exist. You cannot dismiss it as though it were a passive element of who you are.

It is not. It wars for control of your soul. For your dominion in your relationship with Christ. That’s right, you may be in rebellion, but you still have a relationship with Christ. There is an element of give and take between you and God, as is the case for every human (not just every Christian).

Your relationship may not be pleasant, may not be beneficial for either you or Him, but as long as you both shall live there is a link between the two of you. He created you and you bear His image–be it a crumpled one because of sin. And His heart is concerned with everything about you, though He may not have the freedom to let you know how deep those concerns go.

Rebellion in us is the greatest barrier to relationship with the God for which we were specifically made. This does not seem to be much of a hardship to us, except if, perhaps, we come to realize how this compromises our identities. It doesn’t make God any different, but it surely makes us different. While we grow into grotesque versions of the people He meant us to be, He grows more beautiful still.

He lays Himself down. He makes Himself nothing and He takes on our sin as a robe for His love-troubled soul. He abandons Himself to the Father’s wrath so that we might be released from it. He receives the wealth of hell that was supposed to be the inheritance of our future. He sets us free–if only we will look at Him. If only we will see what our sin has done to Him and what heart allowed this to be so. If only we cry out in anguish over the safety He denied Himself so we would not be left alone and rejected. Oh, what love is this! How can we deny it or turn away from it? Truly, we are dead souls if it does not break our hearts and lift our eyes with wonder.

Enjoy the gifts you’re given in their time

Whatever gifts from God you’ve got lined up in your life at present, know that each one is something that God in His grace has stored up for you. He knows you so well that He can and does select just the right season/occation specific gifts to scatter throughout your life.

Now more than likely you have been finding something wrong with His gifts lately. Maybe they’re not new enough, or maybe they’re just too new for you. But the likelihood of God’s gifts changing appearances is not a bad thing.

Whether or not things look a little different today, God will take you beyond the packaging to grace in its purest form. Regardless of positive or negative feelings, God is keeping you from getting bored with His gifts and He is increasing your spiritual sensitive to what He’s doing. These things are especially important in light of how incredible grace is.

What God has given you on hand today is an inheritance that needs to be exhausted now. This is all you can do in this moment — besides praying for more appreciation for grace in the days to come!

Our problem makes sense now — He touched them

What is it that separates us from God? Does the antagonism begin with His wrath or our sin? To answer this question we must ask ourselves what would make God angry? Is it an ever-present revelation of His character, or is it specifically addressed to us because of an offense we have made against Him?

If God were ever angry, and we were wholly without blame for the distance fraught with enmity that lies between us, then there is another question that begs our attention: If it wasn’t to cleanse and deliver us, then why did God submit His one Son and Heir to death? Was it a legitimate act, or another example of intollerable cruelty?

Could God who created life and is Life put to death He who is One with Him? Why would He insist on One more dying when our destinies in hell were already settled? Either God is a capricious beast or He has a purpose in everything that He does, even in requiring death of One who does not deserve it.

We deserve death as the credit for all that we do — sinning with full abandon — while Christ deserved not to become a servant to us, but a highly exalted sovereign. Yet, by the Word of God He stepped aside from the inheritance He was guaranteed to accept that which we were guaranteed. If He accepted what must kill us, He could defeat the powers that keep us from Life.

Love took the fall and died only to rise the Conquerer of every terror that assaults mankind. If we will believe He has done this, the mysteries of God’s will and choosing Christ will be illiminated by the Light who made it all complete.