Difficult encounters of the God kind

I know a few things about life. I know what I want–at least in terms of all the things I don’t want. But, do I really know much more than that? Have I really been around enough–experienced enough of what the Word of God declares is good for me–to be able to confidently judge such things?

I have conflicts with God over what is best for me–yet on what grounds can I charge Him with wrong? Error does not find a place in Him, neither does impotence taint His incomprehensible ambitions for redeeming me. So, how can I find fault with Him?

The only plausible conclusion is that I have a zeal for goodness and grace, but very weak form of knowledge regarding how it comes. I want what I have not known; and grow impatient and angry when it doesn’t appear in the rigidly bold fonts I imagined it.

So, is there really a problem with what I am encountering, or am I the problem that is being encountered by the goodness and grace of God?