Salvation is first and foremost His delight, not mine

What is your idea of salvation? Is it more about you or Christ? I must confess that I most often live like its about me. I think about being saved and my mind turns to me. I don’t see it as a work that has ultimately been decided. I look around, and I expect more to have been accomplished, even if I haven’t seen it all yet. I don’t care how it has to be, I want it and right now! What worth is there in having a Savior if He doesn’t work for me? I wonder.

I know, this doesn’t sound very grace-full, but the dismal truth is that I am not grace-ful. After all, I am not the reason I was saved. At the littlest opportunity I walk away from seeking Him — I don’t remember that fact that I am nothing without Him for very long.

Again, let me remember that He is the reason that I was saved.

It was by His might.

It was by His fight.

It was by His delight.

Where is there any room for my glory in that? There is room for my responsibility and response, but there is no room for my own promotion campaign. He has done, and, in fact, is all.