Are you having a problem choosing God for your life?

How do you see the gift of eternal life that God has to offer you? Do you see it like a type of security that is largely impersonal or a love-debt that is capable of stirring your heart to pour out love in response? You may be thinking, How could my heart ever be stirred concerning God? How could He ever be Someone whom my heart regarded with anything but cold, bitter emotions? God and I are not on good terms, never have been. And I don't expect that to change. I'm not even sure if I want it to.

As sacrilegious as you might think that confession is, it can actually be a person's most realistic starting point for relating with God. The point in exalting God is not that we would be dishonest--merely telling Him what He wants to hear--but that we would learn who God really is and that such knowledge would open our hearts to a true relationship. If you don't feel ready for such a relationship, perhaps you should take some time and investigate more of who God is. Gather the facts and let them work away at your mind; measure them against what you've always been taught and never thought to disbelieve.

Take a trial run. Ask God to let you find Him and to show you how to respond when you do. You may be wholly surprised by what God wants to lead you into and, also, by what He wants to get out of you. It may not be quite what you've surmised. Perhaps you might conceive for a moment that what God has in mind for you and desires from you would be a joy. He thinks you're pretty special and He doesn't want you to miss out on falling in love with Him. He wants the adventure of a lifetime and eternity to be yours: the unfolding of a passionate promise of relationship with God.

You won't know what it's like until you're willing to find out. Then, when you are, you'll encounter wonders like no one could have told you existed. Your heart will palpitate with ringing exclamations from the inside: "This is life! I've got it. And no one's gonna take this gift from me. Hallelujah!!" Don't picture yourself saying hallelujah? That's okay. Trust me, when your heart becomes unfettered and free in the love of God, whatever you come up with will be a form of hallelujah that is precious, a treasure shared by only you and God. It will be a prize resting so deep in the soul that none but you and He can fully know.

If you've been looking for life, this is where it is. Don't delay, honey--go for it! Your heart is begging for this. Don't let your inexperience be a worthy deterrent. You need this more than anything else; God wants to grant you this gift's joy more than any other joy. This is the jackpot to top all jackpots. It's life without end and liberty without limits. It's the uniting of you and God. It's more than something that makes sense; it's a truth too big for us to dissect or escape. Life is here and if you dismiss Him, He won't contradict you. You may choose no life if you want to. But then, what remains in the absence of life but the default of death?

“So truth fascinates you…why?” Duh! It’s real!

I love writing posts–that is, when everything flows properly and in a timely fashion. If not, forget it!!

(Yeah, I gotta work on that.)

But, anyway, I also love writing because I like to see, hear, read what I think.

(Yeah, I know, that’s an incriminating confession too.)

I also love to discover truth–what will help me and others–and that happens most effectively when I write. It’s not that I do a lot of truth-producing–no it’s out there all on its own. But, when I go looking for it, I find it.

How about you, do you like seeking out truth? Do you like finding out what is real and what’s not? Does it intrigue you to know the reasons behind things?

If you do, maybe we’re a lot alike. Really, that’s not all that important, but in any event, I hope you do love discovering truth. And, not just discovering truth, but letting God incorporate it into who you are.

(Yeah, that’s definitely the harder part!)

Letting truth be incorporated into who we are–letting it change who we are–is really a gift. It is sweet, though it does not come without a pinch, or in some cases, a punch.

But, that’s okay when you consider the alternative: Living without truth is a death all its own. While accepting truth involves death to some part of us, accepting lies (or half-truths, as we may call them) are a death to every part of us. There’s no getting out of it. We are claimed by what we believe; defined by what we choose to live by.

There’s no other way that this could be. It’s a fair system and we’re given a fair choice. The question is which one will we claim as our own?

Truth or Dare–which will win in the end? …Or which will keep us from really losing?