Lord, I challenge You to a duel!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment. I just need more of Jesus, I know, but I’m just not sure how that’s going to change me. What does He need to do with me? And why doesn’t He get on with it?

Is my problem really with what’s going on or with what’s not going on?

Do you ever feel the need to challenge God? I do. My problem is not usually when I’m challenging Him, but when I am trying so hard not to–at least not audibly. And yet my heart holds the burden all the while.

Why do I think that I’m doing really well if I’m avoiding such vital honesty with Him? I want Him to be beholden to me; it is a far better option than conceding to the opposite. I can’t deal with that.

Or, can I? I don’t really want what I fight for. I just don’t know how to host a cease fire. Thank goodness God takes on that responsibility!!

But what does that look like?

Grace moves in and silences the fears that scream in my heart. I know of no other way He could claim my heart so lovingly.

The Only Way

So, you just met Him and you wonder what He’s all about: Who is this God who saves people like you and me? What is He interested in and why did He choose you?

God LOVES these questions! He wants us to know Him, and know Him well — to long to understand Him and value Him with all our hearts and minds.

So, start by asking Him — pour all those things in your heart out; to Him every question, every tear, even every accusation you hold against Him are like costly offerings. Yes, all these things qualify as things to give to God. And don’t worry, even if you know that what you hold in your heart is not true and yet you believe it, He will take it all. He will test the substances and purify your heart.

The way to be closer to God is to let Him be closer to you, being confident that He did not save you to then incriminate you with the sins you let Him see, but to transform the girl or guy that still functions as a slave to these things.