So, I’m wondering, what do you think about who you are? Do you like her, him? Are they “doing” it for you–do you feel satisfied with the mind, soul and body you’ve been given, or is it possible there needs to be some adjustments in a few places?

Yeah, I get that. I feel the same way. Nothing needs to change. (Just kidding!)

No, I often feel like most of me needs to change. But occasionally, even with everything that I know needs attention and could be improved, I’m okay. I mean, I realize I can relax where I am. I can let go of my self-alteration agenda and wait.

You see, there’s no way to be who God wants us to be when we’re so unsettled with who we are we can’t focus on anything else. We’re not perfect, but God knows that. That’s why He doesn’t leave us alone. That’s why He insisted that Christ’s blood cover us for eternity. He considered it enough. He said the work of making you acceptable was over.

Now, the question is, do you consider it to be over? Have you been jumping up and down and cruising all over the place trying to get help for yourself, trying to fix yourself up? Don’t you realize that God says He sees you through Christ? This is so that He can have the privilege of fixing you up. But, more than that, it is so that you and He could just be at ease with being with one another. He wanted you to know that life and peace and welfare aren’t missing from your experience because you didn’t earn them, but because you’re forgetting that they’re right there in Him.

I’m done Worrying, trying to be like God, and thinking I must have it All Together

I’m no longer going to worry about whether or not God will keep His promises to me; and how He will do this; and when…and the rest of my inhibitions about His seemingly inconceivable arrangements for my life.

Worry does not make me any more like God. And besides, no matter how much I think I will be able to get myself geared-up for the future He has for me, I will never be able to meet His purposes with confidence in my own readiness. By faith I leave all that needs to be done in me in His ever-capable hands.

After all, does God ever call any of us into projects and purposes that we have already mastered on our own? No, He welcomes us into a much larger world — where so much more is possible for us than what we know and see all by ourselves. By faith He teaches us to dream of how big and majestic He is with our eyes firmly shut and our hearts and minds wide open to His multi-dimensional views.