What’s your “widow-maker”-beating strategy?

Yeah, sometimes that question can leave you with a blank slate. Which, if you’re the rational being like I think you are, may cause you to end up with a slate that’s not so blank after all:

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t do so well without answers–especially answers that I consider to be crucial to life. Maybe you don’t consider the title question above to be that big of a deal; maybe it’s not crucial to your life as you see it. But, what if it could be? What if it’s one of those realities about life that isn’t always blatantly obvious; perhaps it’s one of those problems that sneak up on you–like heart-attacks that you thought came only at the brink of old age.

I’m not trying to scare you; but I do want to sober you if you’re taking this too lightly. In fact, I’d rather you were scared now than scared later. Maybe you’d prefer the opposite. But really, if you face now what there is to fear about later and you could get the matter dealt with in someway that brought last alteration and peace, wouldn’t that be a deeper promise of peace than you had originally?

That’s what I want for you. That’s what I believe God wants for you. So the only problem you would have at this point is deciding where this is what you want? Is peace all that necessary–that assured knowledge and confidence in where you are going, and thus, in where you are now? Or is peace something you prefer to create on your own out of your aspirations and temporary accumulations?

What is asked of you is not that you become less than a man, less of a human. The question is: Will you begin to truly act like a human and come back to your Maker? Will you remember Whose you are before you try demonstrating who you are? They’re simple questions–they only take a yes or no. I hope you’ll choose the “yes” that comes with the promise, rather than the “no” which is not any less wrong because it challenges you to try to survive on your whits alone.

What do I want with a recycled gift?

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes I think it is optional for me to trust God. Mind you, I never consider it an optional thing for God to give me information and understanding about the mysteries in my life. But I don’t see this as a contradiction.

My expectations for God are lengthy and precise. I want to know He’s listening and I want to get His answers. I want to be satisfied with those answers, and I don’t want to be disappointed. I want everything to go perfectly (understandable) because He’s in charge and I don’t want any long, unexplained periods of waiting.

And yet, today I find myself in one. It is not that this is a new discovery–I’ve been in this place for a while now–it is just not something that I expected to experience in my walk with God. At least not at this point.

I’ve waited before, but it was different then. In those former times, the shelter I found in God was something I easily equated with the beautiful promise/explanation He gave me. When I became discouraged He would remind me of His word to me and I would be strengthened. And because He consistently brought it back to me, I was enabled to walk through things that my own vision declared to be very disadvantageous for me.

But, while I am thankful for that gift being given to me at that time, it is not something that God is offering to me at this time. Instead, He is giving me the opportunity to grow beyond living according to the bluntness of my own knowledge and understanding. He is teaching me to acknowledge and trust His knowledge and understanding, even when I do not have the opportunity to see into them as deeply as I could wish.

I am learning that I can be okay even in the midst of this. I’m finding joy in trusting that God has not forgotten me just because He’s not telling me everything He is doing with me. I want to know that; I groan for those answers, but I wait. They are not what I need most right now.

Many times I do not even know what that need is, but I come asking and gratefully receiving what He gives. It may not be what I identified in my heart as the biggest obstacle to my happiness, but it is what He has identified in His heart as the biggest generator of the happiness He wants to fill me with.

Can you and I just hold onto that? Can we just let go of the gifts that fortified us in other seasons and receive the more solid things God is giving us for hope-formation today?

Wikipedia: Sufijo que entra en la formación de palabras con el significado de: I Acción y efecto: cese, corte, tueste.

And God is important WHY?

If you’re wondering why God exists, or what is the point of all His works, you are in good company. The whole of His creation must ponder such questions when at their most honest and vulnerable.

What do we know of God, and what difference does it make? we ask. And how can we not ask it? Is this not the beginning of wisdom — to question what we know, and to seek to verify for ourselves what is true? To deny such questions and to forge ahead with such doubts so deeply ingrained in our consciousness would be quite an error on our part.

Oh, that we would have the courage to seek God’s truth! To desire that knowledge of Him — and not solely about Him — that will lead us to realities we’ve lived ignorant of our entire lives. Thought the end of this quest be a mystery, may our desire to test the reality of what we’ve heard and thought, be enough for us to move ahead.