God has been repossessing me!

Yesterday I woke up — Sunday Morning — with my heart as my alarm clock. Rather than a jangling bell or a honking buzzer, my wake-up call was initiated by something richer, deeper, more connected to me. At first blush of consciousness my spirit leaped into one of those moments of rarest bliss when the notes of heaven sound a higher, more alluring note than anything the world is busy whining.

Thoughts of the previous night were vacant, and plans for the coming day were forgotten. I was perfectly in the moment. The surge of light that transformed the feel of everything in my little room, rejuvenated my heart and fascinated my spirit.

No, the light I gloried in was not the outpouring of a perfect, sunny morning; it was still too dark outside for me to say hello to the sun. Yet, the gloom around me made the reality of my heart throbbing in the presence of my Savior only more distinct and gratifying.

He cemented in me a more prevalent vision of my Life in His purest form. Knowing Him in that moment stretched my faith across a fathom of eternity I had never imagined or touched before.  Dreams impossible to dream flitted into my mind, and desires only He could create took possession of another sinfully indifferent place in my heart.

Fully Alive

Do you want to feel really alive?

Doesn’t it seem like that is the obsession of so much of the world we live in. Do you ever feel like your hopes — that are less than Christ — continue to be pulled out from under you; making you wonder how many more times you can take falling on your rear for the sake of having your hope built on nothing less Christ Himself? Is identifying with the cross really worth all this?

Yet, we must ask ourselves does God truly insist on the loss of all we ultimately hold dear? Or does He want to impress us more practically with the infinite-ness of His grace apart from what does not last.

He would want us to recognize and stand on this truth: there is a difference between apparent worth — in the things of this world — and absolute worth — what cannot be diminished by the implications of any lesser thing. To truly have life we must live the difference, appreciating the difference, not merely consenting to it with words of empty pretense. For how can we live for the gospel — whose Spirit has no witness with lies, falsehood, and unbelief — if we will continue to romance these things in our hearts?