I Am Still Here

Night has not come
in the wings
of this darkness.
Though the sky above yields
and surfaces about show
somehow the bleakness speaks
and the silence teaches.
I have not come here alone.
I do not have to be afraid.
The end has not yet come.
Something is here.
My Father, my Keeper
speaks one thing:

Know, dearest one,
that I have not
called the day
You can remain in it,
at peace.
I am yet weaving
life into this moment.
The day is not done.
Retreat and let your soul
be still.

My love is too great

My love is too great to not
use your whole life
to show it–
to search its depths
and make known its unchanging strength.

So, will you let Me use your life,
every day–
the moments of your ordinary
as My holy habitation–
the very site of
My grace’s outpouring?

My child, I ask you because
I gave you your life
so that you could
give it back
to Me
and I will not steal that privilege from you.

So give to Me if that is your desire;
I do not push you,
but I urge you
because Love cannot keep
when His desire
is in need of encouragement
and knowledge regarding
the joy
that He can provide
the open-hearted.

Wellness and brokenness can be the same thing?

“What do You do, Lord,” he asks, “with lives that are broken and cracked? I must say, I don’t want one, but since I’ve got one, I just wanted to know.”

Oh, My son,

God replies,

you could not ask a better question. I have been longing to tell you. You see, there’s a miracle hidden in being broken. It is not a death in any ever-lasting sense. It is merely the death of all the present parts of you that cannot be a part of My plan because My plans are eternal and they must include you in only eternal senses. But that’s okay. When parts of you die, parts of Me–that can never die–come to take their place. And that tradeoff leaves you in a far better condition than you ever were before that. Rejoice, My son, you shall well–yes, just fine!

Do you know My love, O Human?

Do you remember what My love looked like when it first began? Did you feel the passion with which I first wove you together, longing for intimacy and fellowship with you? Can you go back to the day My affections for you first sprang forth within My heart?

No, My child, you cannot go there. You do not know those places–sacred and sweet to My Spirit. You cannot got there, but You can trust My words that they exist. They are alive and well and they swell over you every day of your life: Every day that you fail, every day that you experience another little piece of success or joy.

I am there in all those moments and My love is not unknown. I ache for you to know Me in these places. And slowly you are growing into My wish. Your awareness of Me is deepening, becoming a natural element of any situation you find yourself in. Then, as your senses are enlivened, your interest is also piqued. I am behind that.

I love that you are experiencing all these things. My joy is yours as you process through your walk with Me. You are catching a greater glimpse of what it really means to be alive, to be, well, to even be…human.