Wholeness isn’t about needing God less…

can it
that You promise to make my heart
at the same time
You give Your consent to the stirring up of
anxiety that hides beneath the surface of my tender
heart? how can You make anything better, inviting every
to get as awful as it
…is there anything about You that makes sense? your best
leaves me baffled, but healed.
isn’t about needing You less, but wanting You

5 thoughts on “Wholeness isn’t about needing God less…

  1. Thank you. Your expression of who God is and the beautiful relationship we enjoy with Him as our Redeemer touched me in a significant way. …baffled, but healed…isn’t about needing you less, but wanting you more! So good to be reminded.

  2. Oh I find the more whole I feel the more I need Him. Wonderful poem. I like the style of the lines too. My dad said when he was about 90, in his very strong Nigerian accent, “I thought I was such a great Christian, but now I find I’m just in kindergarten” :). I mean if he, who had followed the Lord since he was 11, fresh out of the palace of my grandfather, where they worshiped many gods, could admit that about himself, how can any of us think any different about our walk with Christ.

    1. That is such a good point you make–especially in what you shared about your dad! The farther we get along, the farther we realize we have to go. Praise God He enables us to make the progress He does. 🙂

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