Thanks for keeping my story

Thank You for being with me in the story
when it no longer feels safe
or fun;
when I want to bail
and I need someone to comfort me
but also give the perspective
I need to stay on track.
You not only choose the routes
I take (and the ones that come to take me),
You are with me through all the changes
that I couldn’t handle on my own.
You make the story.

Stay true to your story, Lord

You are my storyteller.
The words You speak
weave the narrative
that plays out around me
in blues and grays.
With purpose and precision
You execute the twists and turns
that set my balance askew,
but set Your truth within my heart.
Though the end is never completely clear,
one thing is sure,
You will always shed beauty on the difficult
by reminding me that You deal
in so much more than I can see!

You were…everything, every time

You had dreams for me
when my father didn’t.
You held me
when my mother couldn’t.
You saw me
when the one I liked didn’t.
You believed in me
when I didn’t know what I could be.
You stored Your heart in my chest
when the world told me I didn’t measure up.
You showed me what love looked like
when I thought only hate could endure.
You heard me
when my cries didn’t reach beyond a whisper.
You esteemed me
when Your love alone could make the difference for me.