Wellness and brokenness can be the same thing?

“What do You do, Lord,” he asks, “with lives that are broken and cracked? I must say, I don’t want one, but since I’ve got one, I just wanted to know.”

Oh, My son,

God replies,

you could not ask a better question. I have been longing to tell you. You see, there’s a miracle hidden in being broken. It is not a death in any ever-lasting sense. It is merely the death of all the present parts of you that cannot be a part of My plan because My plans are eternal and they must include you in only eternal senses. But that’s okay. When parts of you die, parts of Me–that can never die–come to take their place. And that tradeoff leaves you in a far better condition than you ever were before that. Rejoice, My son, you shall well–yes, just fine!