So what if I don’t have all the answers? Isn’t faith more than that?

“Okay, we have a problem here, Lord,” he insists. “You know it and I know it. And we have to do something about it. That’s just all there is to it.”

He takes a moment to discern what solution might fit the needs of the situation, trusting that God knows exactly what He’s talking about.

What God knows is that Jason is confident that things would be so much easier for him as he walks this path with his Father, if he could do more to relate what God’s doing with him to the curious folks around him.

They want to know already, so why shouldn’t He have something interesting and challenging to offer them? Isn’t that why God allowed their appetite for information to be stirred up anyway?

Normally he wouldn’t jump to the idea of trying to use language as a way to unite himself with others in large groups, but so far “living as an expression of his faith” hasn’t been working quite the miracles in his observers as he had hoped for. God seems reluctant to make things obvious to the bewildered multitude he runs across everyday, so he figures it would only make sense to do a little explaining.

His wife finds the hardest part of this the fact that no one seems to understand them, to even give them a chance because what they’re doing isn’t predictable.

But, he’s more worried about the fact that no one is being blessed by what God’s doing in their lives. He thought when God began turning your life upside-down it was supposed to serve as a community-building affair, but so far the only things he’s seen getting built have been walls designed to keep him and his wife out. He can’t stand that.

This is not how things were supposed to work out. Come on, God is supposed to take care of His children and make their way clear when He sees that they are doing everything just as He’s asked them to–that’s part of the deal.

But Jason’s words don’t seem to find God on the same page. Maybe not even in the same book.

So is that what you’re worried about, My son? Your reputation, your standing with the people, your opportunities to give clarity to the purpose and direction of your life? Forgive yourself the feelings you’ll have when I ask you this: Do you think any of this really matters?

Come on, do you think these are My greatest interests? Yes, I am a God who reveals Myself, but I don’t do it merely because human beings are a bit inquisitive, because they just want to “know what’s going on.”

No, I’m not arrested in My purposes by things like that. I look, instead, for a heart that is truly searching, that wants to find Me and to find out who I am by whatever means I afford.

But hearts like that are few and far between. But, that’s okay. I locate those hearts and I direct you to them–I don’t ask you to find them all by yourself and I certainly don’t instruct you to convert the hearts of the masses into hearts like these.

That is not your purpose. Your purpose is to love Me and serve Me with all your heart and let it serve whatever purposes I enable it to. That is that. Now, get back to work and quit worrying. I’m on the job with you, remember?

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