Do you know My love, O Human?

Do you remember what My love looked like when it first began? Did you feel the passion with which I first wove you together, longing for intimacy and fellowship with you? Can you go back to the day My affections for you first sprang forth within My heart?

No, My child, you cannot go there. You do not know those places–sacred and sweet to My Spirit. You cannot got there, but You can trust My words that they exist. They are alive and well and they swell over you every day of your life: Every day that you fail, every day that you experience another little piece of success or joy.

I am there in all those moments and My love is not unknown. I ache for you to know Me in these places. And slowly you are growing into My wish. Your awareness of Me is deepening, becoming a natural element of any situation you find yourself in. Then, as your senses are enlivened, your interest is also piqued. I am behind that.

I love that you are experiencing all these things. My joy is yours as you process through your walk with Me. You are catching a greater glimpse of what it really means to be alive, to be, well, to even be…human.

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