Lord, what is it that brings You near, making Your name to be my fear?

I don’t understand why my life has had to remain unpredictable and unstable for this long, Lord. I thought walking with You would give me good reason to hope and grow in expecting good things. But, God, I don’t understand: Have the good things I am waiting for gotten lost; have the good things I used to know fled to never return? God, I’m trying to make sense of what You’re doing but, instead, all I can make sense of is how I feel closed off from all the things that used to make my life seem so sweetly perfumed with Your love. Please, give me some imagination: I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do with myself in the absence of so much blessing.

Wake me up, Father, to Your goodness to me in this day. May I not be so wrapped up in what I loved about yesterday that I am not able to fully appreciate what it means to have you with Me in in every moment of my now. God, I cannot cultivate a heart like this, but You can show Your glory in doing this in me.

Father, this is Your day that You have appointed. You have control over it and You alone. It is not for me to tell You what You should do with it, or how You should use it to benefit me. It is first and foremost designed to bring glory and satisfaction to You. It is filled with pressure so that I may be driven close to You; it is not sheltered from pain or confusion so that it may be at Your breast that I receive the comfort that I equate with Life. Only You know how this can be done and yet no day does it fail to happen. You and Your mercies are all over my life. That is all that must be said, all that must be so. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Lord, what is it that brings You near, making Your name to be my fear?

  1. No one is happy all of the time, and everyone goes through dark times when they aren’t sure what is happening in their life or where they are headed. Even with God by your side, you can’t avoid those moments. All you can do is choose how you respond to them. It can’t rain all the time. You’ll eventually come out the other side.

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