Love became home for me today

You have cleansed and purified my heart with hope, not because I desired it, but because You would put Your generosity on display in my life. You would let nothing conquer Your Love’s work in my heart. The inner sanctuary of my being You have made Your home and no one can trespass Your dwelling without Your word. Oh, thank You, Father, that You would treat me with such deference and care! There is nothing of my needs You do not take notice of and make provision for in the outpouring of Your glory. Tenderness has not been far from You, but joy-giving has been Your trade concerning me. Oh, I am a child well-fed and delighted-in beyond measure! What father or mother can match Your dedication, your remembering of me? None can equal Your praise.

If you find yourself longing to be cared for today, if your weaknesses cause you to fear that love has fled from your way, come cuddle up in the lap of your Savior. He knows what care looks like and He has been enacting this gift toward undeserving and guilt-ridden sinners for millennia. You will be safe in His arms; you will be made strong under His gaze and according to the Truth of His words.

You can do this–you can take your place in Him–because He reserved it for you. No one can take it away from you, but only you can decide to accept it and enjoy it. God wants you to be there and now He waits. Just say yes and let Him lead you in the rest.

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