Can You be my hideout, Lord?

“Can you draw me into Your hideaway again, Lord?” I plead. “I don’t feel brave enough to meet the challenges that lie in wait for me today. I just want to enjoy the pleasure of being with You. I don’t think I’m cut out for anything besides resting at Your feet, hearing Your voice and knowing that You–and not I–am mighty and true.”

But, My Child, that is not all I want for you. I want you to be mighty in Me. I do not pour Myself into you merely to let you sit and be still. There are seasons and moments when you do, but this is only so that you can rise and stand and walk and run in all of the missions that I give you.

You can get up and go forward because the God who has always ministered to you while you waited in stillness before Him is the same One who has already gone before you, securing a victory for you that you need only trust Him enough to walk into. Is that so hard?