Could fearlessness be achievable for less-than-superman types?

I have a dream…fearlessness. I know, it’s not one you hear of that often. But, recently it’s becoming something of a life-goal. I’m realizing that not taking ground in this area effectively makes me impotent in many other areas where I seek to experience growth.

Picture, with me for a moment, that you and I are trees. There are two types of tree we can be: The first is a well-tended tree that is full of thick sap (Faith) which nourishes its entire structure, making it able to boast a straight trunk, sinewy branches and healthy green leaves. The second tree is a sad sight. What good could have been done by faith has been negated by the outcropping of weeds (Worry) and vines (Fear) left uncontested.

I don’t know about you, but I’m determined to be that first tree. And I don’t need superhuman strength to do it, all that I’m going to lean on is that supernatural strength that raised Christ from the dead. Are you with me?