A funky alteration made necessary by small spaces

There are certain things I like to do a certain way. The normal way. But life doesn’t always provide the familiar things we’ve become dependent upon. Sometimes adjustments are necessary. Such was the case for a certain story teller I heard earlier. He was describing his experience with college dorm conditions that are not to be envied.

The poor guy was just trying to get ready in the morning and a narrow rectangle (more narrow than usual) was an obstacle to carrying out his familiar morning ritual. If only he had more room to work with. If only he could have stretched his elbows without hitting the sides of his awkward container. Maybe if he could just have lifted his knee to waist level without hitting his rear on the wall behind him.

But, alas, his ability to release his imagination was stymied by the inconvenient time pressure posed by the scheduled breakfast in ten minutes. There were only so many options and most of them were executed before his determination dissolved in disgust. Truly, there was just no way he could get the job done properly. The constraints on him were just too impossible. He searched his chest but was not surprised to find a particular swirling initial absent.

These kind of things required training–if a not unique wealth of genius–and that he did not have. When he arrived there had been no warning, no fine print to indicate that the facilities here were designed for an individual of high caliber intelligence.

So, it was with regret concerning his absentee sessions of gymnastic-contortions-research that he acknowledged his failure concerning the experiment. He knew not whether others could boast a better response to such an unnatural habitat, but one benefit he could console himself by. Because of his trying ordeal he would forever be grateful for the wonders of un-closeted indoor plumbing that is fully equipped to serve the average, modern human being.

If you can identify with our everyday hero in his extraordinary struggles, please share your own example of trying to figure out how to do something common a new way when the old way was made impossible.