When’s the last time you tried to move in God’s shoes?

When you try something out in God’s strength, there really are no limits to what you can accomplish. This sounds wonderful and profoundly empowering, but we must ask ourselves what is the point of having God’s power. Can we use it to accomplish whatever we want? Or does God already know what He wants to be done as a result of that strength-transfer?

In order to know what we should do with God’s strength, we should ask why God gives it and what are His intends for it. Truly, God does nothing without a purpose. By giving us His strength He is inviting us into His larger plan. Not surprisingly, what He wants to achieve is really only suited to Him, so when God invites us to step into His shoes, He must give us the power to lift that mammoth footwear to go where He would have us go!

What is an area of your life where you covet God’s strength? What do you think His purpose is for you in that?