What am I thinking, competing for gold in the Olympics for the spiritually-impaired?

I’m sure you are aware of the special Olympics. But, have you heard of the Olympics for the spiritually-impaired? The second, unlike the first, is not an Olympics that brings any honor to the participants. Each of the events represent a personal investment of time and energy and heart that is a waste of everything the spiritual athlete is supposed to be.

This is not a show of tork and ambition that is fun to watch. If you happen to be on the sidelines, your heart aches over what should not be. But, should you be a more than a witness, should you be a contributor, your sorrow is even greater. You are failing to live up to your potential by engaging in the pursuit of goals that have no merit in the overall scheme of your life.

What am I talking about? How about the signature people-pleasing event. This is the one I consistently line up for, being guilty of trying to win the gold in every instance that there is the possibility of claiming a medal. I train with an intensity that is shameless. Yet, the goal I strain for is one of shame. Should I “win,” there is no true achievement. At least not one that is worth the effort I gave it.

How different my thirst for honor would be if I were truly to match my desire with something that is certifiably honorable. I would leave the performance of people-pleasing to dogs, cats and other pets. I would move on to pleasing God, the One who offers the best award–the only award really. I would allow myself to be challenged by the greatness of Another, even being swallowed up by it. I would become defined by moving in grace that does not emanate from me, neither is about me. Glory I would enjoy because there is glory in Him; my performance is not the crown, the One whom I perform for is.