Very Inspiring Blogger Award–Who me?!

I am thrilled to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! It is as though the fire of my writing passion has been coaxed to lick the oxygen of a fresh breath. I am grateful to Barren to Blessed for the nomination. I just discovered her blog a few days ago but am delighted to read her posts filled with such humanity as she describes hurt and hope that have been intertwined in her journey of trusting God as a woman who is barren and yet blessed. Please check out her blog. If nothing else, what you find there will give you fresh conviction to write from your heart.

Now to share my seven important and personal facts:

1. I often struggle with feeling like I am the only person like me; that I am unique in very uncomplimentary ways. I just need God’s help in more ways than most people. But my weaknesses are some of the greatest things that God uses to lead me nearer to Him.

2. I got the name for At Home with God from the experiences I had being restricted to my house, and often my bed, by extreme bouts of fatigue. In those months and years of nearly constant fatigue I discovered what it means to know God and be known by Him in the most intimate and liberating way. I’ve found home for my soul, now it’s just a matter of getting acquainted with everything inside and how it reveals a new aspect of my precious Savior.

3. I love writing from the inside out. It’s really the only way I know how. I write because I have things on my heart that I want to share and because God does things in my heart that I need to tell the world–if only so that they may know what is possible with God in their case.

4. I don’t do things merely because it is what you’re supposed to do. This is mainly in the area of walking out my spiritual life with God. I’ve found that only God can tune my heart to the melody He wants me to play. Therefore, I try not to get ahead of Him in performance piety; I trust Him to lead me into holiness that only He can make complete.

5. I have not always loved the Bible. I have grown to love the Word of God (Christ), who is revealed in the Bible, and I believe that is the thing that must precede loving the study and concentrated reading of Scripture. When you can’t get enough of the One it’s written about, you won’t have to try to make yourself read it!

6. I love talking about God and the things He does in my life. But the thing that really makes me leave a conversation with someone feeling incredibly amazed is when I get to experience with the other person a revelation about God that undoes their heart with wonder and worship.

7. I want to write many books, articles, devotionals, songs, stories, memoirs, screenplays, etc. God has put so many things on my heart that I need to share and I believe it will bless the people God has for it to reach. I would so appreciate your prayers as only God can accomplish these things!

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21 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award–Who me?!

  1. Congratulations on the Award! I haven’t been acquainted with your blog for long, but from what I’ve read, you deserve it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Blessings!

  2. Congratulations! Though I am new to blogging and very new to yours you have been a source of encouragement so I am not surprised at all by the award – you and another blogger that also won I run to see what you have posted next and will continue to do so and quite frankly if it werenโ€™t for you and yalandarose would have called it quits already.

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad God has provided you with sources of encouragement just where you need them. ๐Ÿ™‚ By “called it quits,” did you mean with God or with your life in general?

  3. Congratulations! How exciting and what an honour! I feel so happy for you!
    Thank you for the nomination. I am so new to blogging I didn’t even know these awards existed:)

    My heart goes out to you. You seem so open to love. I wish you all the best!

  4. Hello Elaine –
    I’m currently internet challenged, with just brief windows of connectivity, but I wanted to use this window to read about you (wonderful sharing section, by the way) and to both congratulate and thank you for the mention. When possible, hopefully soon, I’ll be back to spend some time with you and get to know you better.
    Thank you once again,

  5. At Home With God, thank you so much for the nomination. Our journey with our daughters cancer (5 when diagnosed, football sized tumor removed, treatment endured, now 7), has opened our eyes to the love of God in ways we never imagined. We accept and would revel in the chance to do a brief explanatory post if further info would bless others and honor the Lord.
    Doug and Jessica Rumbold
    Jada, Oliver, Pierce.

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