Not feeling is the answer…I think

Today has not been one of your best days. Countless days leading up to this one have not been some of your best days either. Where God’s faithfulness has gone you’re not sure. But it surely bothers you. You feel weak with the injustice of it.

You’re struggling with a problem you don’t know how to deal with. You’re trapped in a maze of broken dreams and disappointments. You cry out to God and He doesn’t seem to hear. You can find no other place to turn, so you turn in on yourself.

You lock up your heart. If God is not going to care for you, then you will not leave the tenderest places of yourself open to Him. At first, it appears that this is working: You are taking the initiative to protect your soul, to insulate it from pain as best you can. But it doesn’t take long for you to realize that while you are in control, you are also empty.

Part of you feels lost, but you have no idea how to retrace your steps in order to recover your missing pieces. So, what do you do with yourself now?

What if you began tuning your heart to heed, once more, your Savior?

What He has to say need not be threatening to you. He does not intend to condemn you or blast you with shame. He wants to heal your heart, to enable you to stand before Him without fear. This fresh revelation of His heart will energize you in such a way that you will eagerly invite Him to know you intimately once again. Will you listen in with me?

My child, I want your heart. But, I do not ask for you to offer Me something so precious without the promise of giving you something of Myself which surpasses everything that you’re surrendering. The risks you take with Me only seem difficult until you realize that I am the only One who is giving without an overwhelming return.

I want you to know that I have set My desire on your heart with great purpose. When I fill your heart with My presence, that is when you really know Me; that is when you are made complete.

If giving Me access to your most vulnerable places was not for your benefit, I would not ask it of you. If relationship was possible without our hearts being connected, I would not pursue this so persistently. Understand that I know what is best for you. The only way I can truly care for you is to surround your heart with Mine.


Wikipedia: M (named em ) is the thirteenth letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.