Made for Love

I want you to know this. If you don’t know anything else from what you read here, know this. “I love you.” Yes, I love you, but that is not primarily what I’m concerned with communicating to you. You could live without knowing that I care about you.

On the other hand, there is a love you cannot live apart from. I’m not talking about the love of your parents, your spouse, your friend or anyone else in your life who is limited by the fact that they can only give expression to love; they cannot be love. I’m talking about One who is Love.

Before there was you, there was always Him. He created you because it’s so like to do such a thing. Everything you feel in longing for love is longing for Him. Everything you do in demonstrating love is identical to you pointing to Him with your whole being. Life itself is wrapped up in Love.

Certainly, not all of life is love-worthy–it is not consistently pretty and sweet, neither can it claim to have no need of rebuke. The truth is: Life that sprang from Love’s heart has broken Love’s heart by refusing to rest in Its hands. This life characterizes you and I from the moment we’re born. And from that point till today one great choice has been before us:

Will you return to Love?


Merriam-Webster: that definition: the person, thing, or idea indicated, mentioned, or understood from the situation.