Hear, hear, Lord! This is what I want You to do here…

I’m so obsessed with me today. I just don’t know how to get beyond what I’m going through and how I want relief from trials God is allowing to be a part of my life at this time. With my pains as the gauge of God’s sovereignty, I can’t help feeling that some requests and complaints are in order. I can’t imagine a greater purpose in His dealings with me than sheltering me from intense experiences of need.

But the truth that has confronted me all day, and will continue to do so, is this: If God has a plan to work through evil, who am I to say that He should not? Attempting to function as His counselor serves a nonexistent purpose if He has not called upon me to assist Him in such a way. Now, surely, as my Father, God will hear my petitions words and take full account of my heart and its longings, but I must not expect the only demonstration of relevant care from Him to consist of Him setting aside His own wisdom to adapt Himself to my own.

When I relate with God in the midst of tough times, I must understand that the end of testing is not so much to end the difficult circumstances as it is to get to know my Savior better. Therefore, I must daily–even hourly, if need be–put aside all thought of manipulating God to adjust His plans to fit me. Because the main drive of His plans is holiness, He cannot affirm petty suggestions I make for a return to comfort and bliss that make nothing of Christ.

Rather, He relentlessly urges me to join Him in what He’s doing while the pain continues. He wants to waste not a moment of what I’m going through. His intention is that this would be a time for me to learn quietness when I would like to scream; trust when doubts run wild within me; contentment when my flesh reminds me again and again that I am not comfortable with what God is letting take place in my case.

He is not satisfied with me having a spiritual understanding that subsists in my memory of literary jewels located in such and such a verse. He wants His truth to mean something to me, personally; otherwise, His Word has not accomplish the purpose for which He sent it. Tribulations of the soul provide an excellent context for my faith to be built up in the only One who can feed my soul.

Even the strongest desires of my flesh, when fulfilled, cannot leave my spirit without longing. Thus, God shifts my attention from desires that are only temporal to ones that are eternal. He alerts me to the fact that more than just sating my physical and emotional cravings for comfort and pleasure, He has always wanted to the chief satisfaction of my soul. I was made for Him and no one else, nothing else. So, as long as I have Him, I may know that my being will be cared for in the most comprehensive way possible.

What about you: Are you struggling with some aspect of God’s will today? Have you, like me, been wrestling with the urge to tell Him what to do with you and how? Please leave a comment below, I would love to encourage and pray for you!

10 thoughts on “Hear, hear, Lord! This is what I want You to do here…

  1. Wow, Elaine, you have described me to a tee once again. I felt such a kindred spirit with you when we met at the yard sale. Without going into detail, I just ask for prayer for my marriage. We just celebrated 28 yrs. in May, but there is a particular issue I would appreciate prayer for. God knows….. I’ll pray for you, too! I just have to keep trusting more instead of trying to figure things out. Sometimes I feel like I hit a wall in prayer in a certain area that I’ve been praying about for a long time and not seeing any answers yet.
    I will contact you before Hannah (my daughter) and I come to visit Sovereign Grace on a Sunday.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    Kept By His Grace,


    1. Hi Lisa! I’m glad this post impacted you and I’m grateful for the opportunity to join you in prayer. We are all weak and how quickly we run out of energy for prayer and faith for change. I pray that God would build you up in His strength that does not fail you when the situations in your life seem to. I look forward to seeing you and being able to pray together in person!


      1. I am a member of a church, Jacobstown Baptist, so will have to visit SG one Sunday when I don’t have responsibilities at my church. Will let you know. I want to come one Sunday in August. Last Sunday, my daughter, Hannah, and I were in Lancaster to see Sight and Sound’s “Jonah” production. Have you seen it?

      2. Okay, I understand. That’s cool that you got to see Jonah. I haven’t seen it. Is it supposed to end soon? I did get to see Joseph last year and really enjoyed it.

      3. “Jonah” will be playing until December 22 of this year…..only one season.

  2. First time I read your blog it scared me, brillantly wrutten more understanding of how I feel my thoughts are about out Lord but haven’t achieved the transistion to feel it spiritually. Have no idea if that makes sny sense to you at times I’m not sure either. To help paint the picture for you have for a very brief time went to a small new church. I say went didn’t join, i went because my boys future terrified me with overwelming testosterone pouring not dripping off my walls. A long time customer who had 6 girls always behaving when they came in, he asked if I could attend his first meeting, only 30 or so showed up, kept going to make him feel better. Well to make a long story short I was raised Catholic not used to crying, dancing hands in the air with an odd look on their face. It was like they could see God and I couldn’t find that feeling. One day I will find it and it will be thtough the encouragement of reading yours snd others like you who tell their moments like the one you wrote about wanting to scream when He wanted you quiet.
    P.S. using my Nook it will not let me back track to proofread so I apologixe for the typos & misspells!

    1. Dear Susan,

      I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to share your heart with me. From what you say it seems clear that you want to feel God, to connect with Him at the level of your heart. This is wonderful. Only God could put this desire within you. He wants you to be united with Him far more than you could ever imagine! And, when God wants something for your life, you don’t have to wonder how it will happen, just respond to Him as He prompts you through His word.

      When you read about people in the Bible or people in blogs like this one who have interactions and intimacies with God, tell God how your longings for deep relationship with Him are stirred up by what you hear. Ask Him to make your heart His home, a place where He is known and adored as completely as possible. Admit that there is no way that you know how to get more of Him than you already have, but thank Him that He wants to give Himself to you in the most personal of ways. Then, watch for what HE does, how He is relentless to reveal Himself in you, to you. It will be a joy unlike anything you have ever known. He will become more than just something/someone you experience, He will become your life.

      I will be praying for you Susan–how I want you to know what it is to know God as One who is your best friend, your dearest comforter and most awesome Lord.


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