The Olympics of Faith–Are you in shape to compete and win?

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the approach of the Olympic Games! The natural thrust of enthusiasmĀ  surrounding the athletic pursuit of achievement and excellence and grace has a distinct effect on the human spirit. We are communal people by nature and, as we watch the competitions, we are not simply spectators, but active supporters. We want the win–we share the dream of the competitors who have spent years of their lives straining muscles; testing endurance; sacrificing freedom and flexibility and forsaking mediocre goals.

There is some very real part of each of us that wants to put our lives–our entire selves–into a feat that consummates with such a prized reward. When we observe others who are not guilty of silently and passively consenting to their life passing them by, the challenge confronts us quite concretely. I think this is excellent. Not everyone of us can get off the couch and instigate a training regimen that will carry us through to the highest elevation of the winners platform, but there is something grand which we are to seek and grasp by the execution of our entire being.

The calling–to know God–is the most distinct quest we will ever encounter. The Olympics, and other events with similar orientations, are able to stir up our person considerably, but they cannot promise the true fulfillment of the longings that they stir up. The decorations, accolades and measure of self-actuation are the fruits of winning in these areas, but each of these things begin to rot before we know it. They ultimately leave us hungering for more, knowing there must be something we were meant to work at which would nourish us lastingly.

Each of us is looking for the supreme goal of our lives, which is no less than diving into relationship with God–including all its risks and returns. We know that this one adventure will go beyond employing our powers to thoroughly engaging our person. And, if that’s not winning, I don’t know what is!