If you’re anxious about spending time alone with God, today…

If you feel tension at the suggestion of approaching God on your own, you should know that your fears are legitimate, though not in the way you might think. The fears you have about something are closely tied to the perceptions you have of that thing or person. It is important to not ignore fear, even if it is for the sake of being more full of faith.

Fear, like any other emotion, is an important indicator of your heart. You must explore your heart to be set free from your fears and become fertile soil for the faith God wants to implant there.

Searching out the beliefs that motivate your fears can be very helpful in revealing what level agreement your heart has with the authority of Scripture. Because what you feel is legitimate does not mean that God is to be feared–does not mean you are reading Him accurately–it simply means that your beliefs have great weight.

You should take this as a reminder that you need to ensure that your beliefs are based upon unflinching truth. Your own experiences and your inclinations cannot solely dictate your concept of God’s character. If you want to know the real God and be sure you’re relating to Him appropriately, invite Him to teach you about Himself in His Word.

When what He says and proves to you about Himself begins to take over your heart and your beliefs, fear will become less and less a factor of your associations with God. You will want to be with Him and to let nothing hold you back from being more immersed in His love. You will recognize fear as the fruit of disingenuous knowledge and you will run to the One who can set your heart straight.


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