Truly knowing God dispels the quakes that come with your vision of the two of you relating

Your concept of God is too small if all you’re looking for is for Him to bless you and be on His way. He could do this, but you would be at a loss if He did. The real blessing God gives us is Himself. Only time and communion can render our reception of this complete. It is not hard to be with God, to get to know His heart and the blessing of only having Him.

He is the One who makes relationship possible; He only waits for our “yes” to assure Him we’re willing for Him to move into our lives and make Himself known. If we have fears about this, He is sensitive to them. He will not turn into an inconsiderate neighbor or friend who will never leave us alone even when we are tired of entertaining Him.

He grows our relationship with Him as we devote more and more of ourselves to interacting with Him. He supplies both the willingness to come be with Him and the growing affection that blooms in such commitment. You don’t need to be afraid of what God’s got up His sleeve; He doesn’t have a sleeve in which to hide His motivations and tricks. His desire is simple and yet profound: He wants His heart to be known to you in such a way that your discomfort in making known your heart to Him may be utterly dispelled.

The Free Dictionary: Honorable and fair in one’s dealings and actions: a just ruler.

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