And you thought it would be hard to know God WELL?

Can we go traveling inside your heart? I would like to open the doors that are rarely opened and explore the rooms that have grown stale with disuse. I would like to see you experience the sweet, fresh air of God’s grace flood into those cavities of your heart that have been so long starved for the One they long to hold.

I do not desire this because I want to see you exposed in all your shame and know your secrets for the sake of my own personal gain. I have the same secrets as you; I am just as vulnerable. But, I want you to know God present in your vulnerability as I have. I want you to be unafraid of being astoundingly real with the One you were made to wear no masks before. My heart aches for you to be filled with abandon in your God-given need to search after a relevant connection with Him.

My highest aim is to serve you as I serve my Lord. I want to encourage you to share the sorting of your most serious secrets with someone who cares; someone who wants to see your secrets lose their power to destroy you by distancing you from Christ. I hope for you to be blessed with the courage to embrace opening yourself to seeing God through eyes that behold His mercy daily covering you.

You see, I’ve learned that being honest about ourselves does not curse our potential for joy and reward with God; rather, these things are predicated on such candor. According to what I’ve come to understand about God’s sensibilities, He’s not waiting for us to get cleaned up and be able to impress Him. He never puts such pressure on us. He wants us to shine, but He wants the light that radiates from us to be His very essence. His every confidence is in the power of the Light He is to cleanse the vessel through which He is able to flow.

You don’t need to worry about yourself anymore. The day you put yourself in His hands is the day you begin to discover how much He has eternally harbored the desire to attend to you in every way. His has always been the wish to make your needs a gateway to pulsating wonder in His infinite love for you. If you try to make these things happen by yourself, disappointment is guaranteed in the contract. But if you put your faith in what your mighty God can do–and you cannot–there is no limit to what adventure and benefit and peace and heart-satisfying community He and you will find in one another!


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