I don’t know, do you think I have enough swag while I’m doing this?

I’d like to invite you to participate in something I’m calling “a life philosophy observed.” Together we will look at the consequences of living according to the maxim I was recently introduced to on a trip down those quintessential boards-that-border-the-sea. My father referenced this unforgettable theme with great confidence in its largely untapped potential–at least, in my case. (And I must admit, once I heard it, a lot of the mystery that had formerly swaddled his behaviors was stripped away.)

His counsel was: With enough swag, you can get away with anything.

Then he proceeded to demonstrate the indisputable nature of what he said. Resisting the protocol of crossing from the shop he had just exited to the “right” lane of walking traffic, he entered the fray of oncoming pedestrians and coached me in the manner of getting away with such. He took on a bold spirit of adventure, while his body followed suit–adopted a cocky swing. I think he just barely resisted the urge to announce to the crowd around us: “I’m teaching my daughter one of the most valuable lessons she’ll learn in her life. As a man, I feel it is my responsibility to school her in those sensibilities that do not come naturally to her, as she had the misfortune of not being born male. What a pity, right? Anyway, look at her: she’s learning to break the rules like a king!

I must admit, I did more watching his antics than I did practicing his instructions. He was right, confronting the crowd in this manner did insure a path was made for us where previously no path had existed. I just wasn’t so sure I wanted to be a part of the group insisting on this spontaneous creation. In a sense, he certainly knew what he was talking about in such matters but, somehow his authority did not affect a permanent alteration of my normal board-walking. I still like to follow the rules, as a rule. Thus, my life philosophy (which we will not take the time to observe today) became, as of that moment: As for me and my life, we will stick to the side of the boardwalk that welcomes the socially-conscious to exercise their discernment with the promise of esteem and reward and, most desirable of all, safety.