What are you really about and why won’t you let me see the real you?

I relish psychoanalyzing people–a raw confession, I know. But, I really don’t have many qualms about it. This passion of mine is wrapped up in the way God designed me. I believe the calling God has given me to write and explore His work in mankind is naturally related to an obsession with the heart–this is, after all, the seat of where we relate with God. If we don’t have the heart, we don’t have anything.

So, I focus my attention on the heart, believing that I cannot understand a person if I do not know their heart. The problem is, that I don’t always have access to others’ hearts. This grieves me. A person could invite me into every area of their life and if they refused me entrance to their heart, I would consider everything else they offered me to be a ruse; a means of diverting me from knowing and enjoying the treasure of their actual person. I would feel shut out and rejected. Even confused. My heart would surely bear the effects of such a loss.

Yet, I wonder if my experience of love’s side-effects is anything in comparison with the ones known to God. Surely, all my frustration with relational disinterest and distance can only be the smallest dose of identification with what burdens my Father’s heart. Were it not for us, He would never know distance of any kind, brokenness or pain in any form. What kind of Love seeks to unite itself with such imperfect and fellowship distorting creatures as us?

The more we look into the pain of our own relationships with men and women around us, the more our eyes will be opened to the most concrete witness we have to God’s love for us: He would intertwine His heart with pain-givers like us. He would willingly immerse Himself in the muck of our disregard for Him–not letting sin separate us from Him without a fight to restore purity. He became the One marked with our impurity–the consequences of breaking harmony with Him–so that with His heart He might reconnect with us once more.

Our final conclusion is that where God is, Love is not diminished by pain, nor is it unable to redeem the sinful hearts that disorient us from enjoying Him. Love expands toward its object regardless of its condition or the hardships it will put Love through. Love delights to rescue and will direct all its energies toward that end until it is fully received or fully rejected. Recognize, dear friend, that you and I are the objects of Love, who is Christ. We have two options regarding Him, yet only one truly offers freedom to our hearts and life to our being. May we grow in choosing to receive Love until there are no longer any holes He yet must fill.