God: “I’ll give you that, but can I give you more?”

She takes a step back. She has to think. Where is He going with this? God is not behaving in the manner with which she has become accustomed. This new side of her heavenly Friend unnerves her. Her Idiot’s Guide to God offers her but weak means to grapple with the mysteries before her. She realizes with rather forlorn certitude that no book–with its slim spine and mini host of words–can tackle the profound mysteries that relate to theĀ real God before her.

She wishes that such were not the case. If only the books and dearly loved ones surrounding her could command such power as they once did: Making God seem familiar and safe with the simple stories they tell from average, uncomplicated experiences. But, for some reason, God doesn’t any more seem to favor letting her wrap herself exclusively in the components of His identity that she can easily understand.

He is testing her knowledge–not just to reveal what she knows and what she still needs to learn, but to introduce her to a truth about Him she’s not spent much time deliberating. He wants her to understand the wonder that cannot be found anywhere else but in realizing that God defies her knowledge even as He is gracious enough to do so much to expand it.

He wants her to see He does not conform to her limits; instead, He works within her limits to make her more aware of how grand He is. But, sometimes she gets so caught up reviewing her weaknesses in comprehending God that she misses the point. In God’s eyes, the “she” I’ve been speaking of is you and I. His great goal for His relationship with us is that we would find ourselves at home in His infinite shape; that we would cease trying to fit Him into our own personal shape. Only one of us needs to be conformed to the Other.