It’s hard to not be a Complainer when I am focused solely on ME and God is not

As much as we don’t appreciate a complainer, we can find it easy to be one. Complaining can be one of the most tenacious temptations that follow us around. It’s easy for us to give into these enticements from our enemy because we do not know what purpose our desires are supposed to serve in our lives; rather than serving God, we find it easy to serve our personal sensibilities of what “ought to be.”

Our desires were given to us by God to be used for God, but Satan tries to encourage us in the belief that our desires are our god. Rather than let God develop worship in us at the root of our desires, we can be convinced that our desires, themselves, are worthy of worship. They do not need to be submitted to anything else; what they say goes.

Not surprisingly, this creates profound friction in our relationship with God. We cannot serve Him and our desires at the same time. We have to choose one and leave the other behind. Accordingly, when God appoints a good for us that is not consistent with our present desires, we have a decision to make. We can either set ourselves to agree with Him, because we believe He is right in all He does, or we rebel against Him because we acknowledge that our desires are the only relevant dictators of “truth” we will recognize.

Our complaints about our lives and what God is doing with us are expressions of discontent that will lead us, quite predictably, toward full-blown rebellion against the God. Pouring ourselves into rejecting God does not leave much room in our hearts for receiving His care in whatever form He determines it should take. When we are trusting our desires and finding fault with God for actions (and in-actions) that we don’t understand, we are on shaky ground. It may be familiar ground, but this does not make it any less dangerous.

The foundation God longs to secure us to is so much better than this. He would have us rest upon the weighty desires of His own unchanging heart. He would have us know in full the very deepest knowledge our hearts can hold: God’s sovereignty rules our lives because our lives were first conceived in His sovereignty. No one knows us like He does; no one cares about us like He does. What He does needs not amendment, only to amend the ones He acts upon. When Christ focuses us upon Himself, we are enabled to rejoice in the functioning of plans that don’t exalt us while they bestow love upon us.


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