That’s just Natural–and that isn’t all you want is it?!

For those of us who are tired of hearing words be turned inside-out and misused for the sake of finding a hip new expression, I have proposal that may be of interest to you. Since there seems to be tangible need for new terms that will tickle the public psyche, I think it may only be fitting that we give them something to work with.

I have a single example that I hope might fuel a modification of our present trend. I saw something that would fall under the category of “disgusting” or, at least, not proper for public display. The thought popped into my head, “Oh, how natural!” I realized that was the perfect description of what I was seeing. This was something natural, though entirely un-perfect and unlovely.

Yet, what a truthful reality. The things in our world that are perfectly natural are far from the perfection that we were really made for: what we find in God’s presence. So, more than longing for what is natural–the way the world teaches us–we ought to be desiring what is so much greater than that which belongs to our corrupted nature. We must receive from Christ the inclination for the supernatural. Nothing less than the essence of our Maker will delight our heart with glory.

So, next time you have a chance to encourage a friend toward what God would have for them, gently point out the “naturalness” of what they’re occupied with and nudge them toward what is so much more. We all have so much before us in Christ beyond everything around us that is just so natural!


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