Acting a bit squirrelly lately, are we?

The noise of curious shifting draws my eyes through my upstairs window to view a squirrel scavenging in my neighbors trash can. He pops out within a few seconds with what appears to be a tasty (to him) crust of pizza left over from days gone by.

He (or she, as the case may be) repulses me. Every sensation of crawly-skin and mental infestation with the disgusting is happening on the inside of me right now. I hate scavengers–squirrels most of all. (Well, in truth, there are many that I would hate worse, but I won’t let myself remember the existence of any species from the rodent family other than the one creature who afflicts the terrain about my home with it’s presence.)

Seeing the sight I’ve described above, and contemplating what an uncouth life is led by this common breed of scrounger, I can’t help wondering, for a moment, what God thinks of us when He finds us picking at waste and filling ourselves up with the sewage we find around us. This may not have occurred to you, but we act out habits spiritually that are very similar to that of these petty gatherers.

When it comes to finding the truth and filling our hearts with it, we can be so undiscriminating and dispassionate. We’ll take anything. Apparently we have little regard for what may be suitable for us or what is perhaps exceptionally ideal. We’d rather amuse ourselves with what’s available than with what must be worked for.

Instead of acting like civilized humans, who work for their food and hold a conviction about the type of products they put into their bodies, we behave much more like the bushy-tailed Sciurus’ that inhabit our backyards and, sad to say, our garbage containers.

What kind of intervention do we need in order to move us from outback excuses-for-feasting to the real meal that’s going on inside God’s house? How can we stop keeping Him waiting for us to take our seats? Well, for one thing, if we have the heart of a squirrel, we’re never going to be able to really join the sumptuous festivity we were made for without having some type of deep reorientation or else we can go where the food is and still ruin the repast with our awful table etiquette.

Therefore, we head in the direction of the spread God’s called us to partake of, praying our little hearts out along the way. What I’m trying to intimate is surrender. The idea is that we would put our hearts at the disposal of our Host, asking Him to do all that is necessary to make us dining-worthy participants in His celebration of grace. We enjoin Him to make as new and pleasing our appetite and amend our manners in such a way that they mirror the behavior that He created the meal to inspire.

Then, with a joyful confidence that He has gladly taken us under His wing, being capable of refreshing and transforming us in every way, we enter the banquet hall with glee. Here we are, about to receive the fixings we were made for. And, boy, will it ever be good!

Wikipedia: A banquet is a large meal or feast, complete with main courses and desserts.

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