Does loving God make us sissy?

Are you afraid of loving God because it might make you lose your reputation? Maybe you’re known for being pretty strong, resiliant; someone that no one else can take down. And you wonder what could be the result of letting your guard down to let God in. If He took over, wouldn’t you look like a half-competant individual? You might resemble a pilot who could never get away with flying his own plane so he had to hire on a more educated and confident co-pilot.

Okay, that’s the one problem you might be facing; the other is that Jesus just might not be so respected among the people you’re around. Let’s face it, it could get a little awkward if you were to pledge allegience to a person your public deems a dead prophet who didn’t have the sense to keep Himself from getting killed. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like an option that would be so ideal in the relations department at your work or school or even in your everyday life with family and friends. After evaluating this for a little bit, you get to the point where you begin to wonder, “Who DOES like Jesus?!”

Don’t be surprised, my friend, when you recognize there aren’t many on the list you might be trying to make. It can get even more disconcerting when you start concerning yourself with who really LOVES Jesus. There may be crickets going off on their third solo song inside your head before you realize that all it takes to silence them is to say your name.

You see, the important thing (in your case) is not whether other people like or love Jesus or whether they will stop liking or loving you if you do. The only question you will have to answer when all your conflict with the world “out there” is over is whether you loved the Lord your God with all your heart when you knew it was right. When you knew everything else, done in it’s place–to avoid giving God your heart–is wrong.

When the fullness of your heart-story is told, the most significant question it will answer is “What did she/he do with Jesus and His proposal?” Were you ultimately united with God or did you choose to cruise with the world, feigning indifference to your true purpose? I hope the oh so popular story of apethy toward God will not be yours. Instead, I pray that you would live every day inviting God to help you write His story in your heart. It will be worth all the sacrifice you could possibly give to God to have His name honored as the Author of all that you were and desired to be. Nothing else could make for a better story!

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