Is this your Father’s Day come true?

The child wonders aimlessly though out the lonely back yard. Her lips utter an endless torrent of mournful crying:






She never stops. I find it drawing out a wave of annoyance from my heart. And yet, a larger, deeper part of me resists the desire to call out the window and tell her to quit her mantra. A great sensitivity within hopes she will continue; at least, that she will not stop. Someone must answer her. Someone must care. The one she implores must respond to his name.

Whether her constant pleading bespeaks great need or is just an occupation to fill her time spent outdoors alone, I see a picture in it of the great longing of her soul. More than her need for her father in physical form to come join her in the garden is her need for her Father in Spirit form to come make a garden of fellowship for them in her heart. She needs companionship and love, tenderness and instruction, but even if the father she is calling works most diligently to provide these things, He will have left some very necessary child-care undone.

This is not a fault to be made as a charge against him. This is a factor of his child’s nature; she has needs larger than she can fill. She needs a father to love her, but even more so to know the Father who loves her. She may never be responded to by her earthly dad. He may neglect his charge and fail to fulfill his duty to her. He may fail. But all is not lost if he does. In this world, the expectation of him in his role as a daddy includes the element of failure. He is subject to incomplete success. He can never do it all; even what he was intended to do.

Yet, in his mistakes and, even in his malevolence, there is hope. He is not the ultimate Papa for his little girl. She belongs to another. There is One who will answer her call every time she finds herself in search of DADDY. He will not miss her voice, or excuse her need for one of His own. He will come to her and delight Himself with her. He will be all that her (d)addy is supposed to be a picture of.

With the knowledge that He always sees her and never forgets her, she can celebrate the fact that she was made for a DADDY. She can discover her true identity and live like a girl who knows to Whom she belongs. She can carry herself with confidence and grace as one with understanding about love. She need not fall prey to every counterfeit offer of passion for she will never be able to escape the beautiful fact of her wanted-ness. She will learn, with time, that the only One she truly wants is the One who most assuredly wants her. He is the One who is worth entreating again and again and again. After all, He answers.

Wikipedia: Used to indicate the object, aim, or purpose of an action or activity: trained for the ministry; put the house up for sale; plans to run for senator.

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