I dare you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

I think God must like living in conjunction with us. Why would He put so much effort into pursuing us if He didn’t? Yet, most of us never consider this as one of God’s genuine motivations. We think of many horrible motivations that might drive Him to come after us, but never this. After all, why would we ever assume that God was good and that His desire for us was perfect and lovely?

Very few of us get close enough to inspect that desire. We believe it is too dangerous to do so. We think we’ll be rewarded in some way for not checking God out. But, it’s time more of us did. We’ve lived for too long with irrelevant suppositions about divinity that break God’s heart. We need a new way of looking at Him–a truth-filled way. Then, let’s look at Truth (Christ) and find out what He was and is all about. I dare you!