God’s Greatest To Do List

Have you ever wondered what God might have on His to do list? Maybe you try to guess what is most important to Him in the scope of a day. If you knew this, you might know how to please Him by what you did with a day.

So, is it possible to know what God really wants for you–down to the things He has in mind for today? We’re all aware that He wants us to do a lot of things His way, but does He go so far as to have a plan for these mini, sometimes mundane, segments of our lives?

You may find this hard to believe, but I think He does. I think following God can truly only happen on a daily basis. God isn’t looking for us to make a point of keeping a couple rules once in a while. He wants us. He wants our hearts. And we can only give Him our hearts today.

And, for us to give Him our hearts, we must put them at His disposal so that they may do His will. This may sound like a very distasteful option to you. Surely giving God our hearts doesn’t sound so bad, but being made to do His will is an entirely different matter. I hear you. What you’re saying makes total sense…unless you know God.

His will may not be our first choice, but this does not make it something we cannot learn to desire. You see, the thing is that God’s will is the general and specific delineation of His character. If we love the character of God, how can we hate or fear His will. His will shall be precious to us because it is the means by which His desires and intentions are put into play through out our world.

Thus, if you have a problem with God’s will, spend some time getting to know God’s character. Ask Him to teach you about who He is. Wait for Him to lead you into discoveries about His Person that will make you fall in love with Him. When you know what God is like, when you see how He is toward you, you will understand love for the very first time. Then you will want that love to take over every part of your life. You will want nothing to get in the way of you always experiencing more of that love–what it means to your heart and what it can do in your soul.

You’ll be climbing up into His lap (what some people call prayer) and asking “What’s up for today, Papa?” You will be filled with joyful anticipation, knowing that everything He has to share with you will be for your good. Your heart will be confident that He’s going to show you more of Himself; the only unknown detail will be regarding the type of vehicle that will bring the revelation. But you won’t be worried about that either: He’s going to let you experience knowing Him in a little different way than He did yesterday and what you experienced yesterday will have whet your appetite for what He’s got planned today.

It’s exciting. You’ll get to the point where you don’t even care so much what’s on your to do list; you’ll just want to get a peak a things are endowed with His pleasure; what makes the cut for the life He wants to have with you. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a treat you’d like to see more of, than you don’t know what you’re missing!