I’m just not exactly sure what you mean…

Have you ever seen something that you weren’t sure you were actually seeing? I did in a recent trip to Indiana. We had stopped at Payless to buy some flip-flops that I really needed. When we were leaving the shopping area, we passed a store with a name that demanded we read slowly. I even found it necessary to take a minute and meditate on the mystery of its meaning. The words were put together like this (Now, don’t be ashamed if this takes you several readings to clearly decipher; you’re in good company):

Fro Yo Your Way

First of all, flashing back to that original introduction and appraisal, I’m wondering…a few things. First, I want to know what a midwestern location like this innocent-looking, little store is doing with an identifier that, to me, screams gangsta. To my fellow peeps I’m like, “Slow yo roll! Did you jus see that sign!”

Second, I’m feeling a bit confused. The type of service this shop is offering doesn’t seem to fit with the social climate indicated by the surrounding shops. (Translation: I wasn’t seeing many people walking around with trippin-out hair-jobs.)

Third, I have a few suggestions for more customer-savvy names. For instance, “Yo fro comin at ya your way!” or “Fro me!” Another one that might not be half bad is “Fro-zactly like I like it.” (Obviously the visionaries for this establishment had not thought out the marketing end of their business as well as they might have.)

But, in case you are wondering what this shop was actually doing in that part of town and why its name fell so far short of its potential, prepare yourself for a bit of disappointment: It was a frozen yogurt shop!

8 thoughts on “I’m just not exactly sure what you mean…

    1. Oh, haha! No, I never did try any. I was driving with other people and we had a tight schedule. Now, that I think about it, I should have suggested we venture back there when we had free time.

      1. Opportunity missed. You could have given them some suggestions about how to improve their business. Either they could change their name, or they could offer haircuts on the side

  1. As a native Hoosier, I’m greatly disappointed that I’ve never stumbled upon this gem. 🙂

    Speaking of, what possible reason would one have to visit our fair land? I know we have a Payless in every town, but that’s a costly set of flip-flops!

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